USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0

USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0
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USB 3.0 gives better speed and more productive power the executives than USB 2.0. USB 3.0 is in reverse good with USB 2.0 gadgets; in any case, information exchange speeds are restricted to USB 2.0 dimensions when these gadgets between work. In 2014, another standard, USB 3.1, was discharged and is required to be in far reaching use by 2015


USB 2.0   

  • Released: April 2000
  • Speed: High Speed or HS, 480 Mbps (Megabits per second)
  • Signaling: Method Polling mechanism i.e can either send or receive data (Half duplex)
  • Price: For a similar product, the USB 2.0 version is generally less expensive than its USB 3.0 version.
  • Power Usage: Up to 500 mA
  • Number of wires within the cable : 4
  • Standard-A Connectors : Grey and Black in color
  • Max Cable length : 5 meters

USB 3.0   

  • Released: November 2008
  • Speed: 10 times faster than USB 2.0. Super Speed or SS, 4.8 Gbps (Giga bits per second)
  • Signaling: Asynchronous mechanism i.e. can send and receive data simultaneously (Full duplex)
  • Price: For a similar product, the USB 3.0 version is generally more expensive than its USB 2.0 version.
  • Power Usage: Up to 900 mA. Allows better power efficiency with less power for idle states. Can power more devices from one hub.
  • Number of wires within the cable : 9
  • Standard-A Connectors : Blue in Color
  • Max Cable length: 5 meters

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